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View Folder Size Pro screenshot. Click to enlarge.

Version: 5.00 (What's new?)
Windows 2000/XP/2003 or Windows XP/2003 x64
Free to try, $24.95 to buy.

Download exe. 1.86 Mb Download zip. 1.84 Mb Order. $24.95 Support Online help

View Folder Size Pro is the next generation of the popular add-on utility for Windows platforms. Unlike the standard edition, the Pro goes beyond merely displaying the total file or folder size. The Pro edition monitors the size of your folders in real-time, and provides notification and correction if the size reaches a specific limit. The Pro’s powerful combination of high performance, real-time size information, and rich, user-friendly customization options distinguishes it from other similar software.

By default, Windows Explorer only shows the size of files in kilobytes. View Folder Size Pro lets you see both file and folder size directly in Windows Explorer. It is even possible to specify a size unit (KB, MB, etc) or select "auto" to allow the program to choose one for you. With the Pro edition you can also implement the decimal digits function and use a digit grouping symbol. The program can also display folder size as a percentage in relation to the size of its parent folder. In order to simplify this information, the size can be displayed as a bar graph or as numerical data.

View Folder Size Pro incorporates Folder Size Monitor, a special tool that provides nonstop supervision and rectification of a selected folder. It initiates a popup alert when your selected folder becomes too large or launches a CD burner when your documents folder reaches the disc size. It "understands" environment variables and can establish complicated alerts and actions suited to almost any scenario.

A leading and comprehensive piece utility, View Folder Size Pro perfectly integrates with Windows Explorer. While the majority of competitors design their products as stand-alone utilities that poorly imitate the Windows Explorer interface, this utility blends perfectly with Explorer and can be accessed simply by clicking on the toolbar icon.


  • Real-time monitoring of folder size:
    To generate the most accurate folder size information in an instant.
  • Size Limit Alerts:
    Notification of when a folder size reaches a specified limit.
  • Automatic actions:
    Automatically backup, empty, CD burn, or complete any other task when a folder reaches a certain size.
  • Monitored folders marked with magnifier icon:
    To display folders being monitored directly in Windows Explorer.
  • Support for command-line options and environment variables:
    For advanced users: utilize command-line interface and system environment variables to create complex actions.
  • High-speed performance:
    Real-time display of total file and folder sizes without slowing down your computer.
  • Integration with Windows Explorer:
    All file and folder size information is fully displayed in Windows Explorer.
  • Native x64 architecture support:
    View Folder Size Pro runs as a native 64-bit application for the Microsoft Windows XP/2003 x64 edition and as a native 32-bit application for Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003.
  • Customization flexibility:
    Easily customize file and folder display style settings, such as size units (Kbytes, Mbytes, Gbytes), separators, or decimal digits. Alternatively, you can initiate the "Auto" mode to automatically select units that best fit the size.
  • Data visualization:
    View disk space as a diagram. Now you can discover which folder consumes the most disk space!
  • Advanced sorting:
    The sorting feature is available in any mode (including "Auto").
  • Convenient interface:
    All settings are visible and simplified, designed for easy navigation and fast results.
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