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View Folder Size Pro boxshot.

Tired of repetitive calculation of folder sizes? Keen to be notified when a folder size reaches a certain limit? Wouldn't life be much simpler if a CD burner could be launched automatically when your documents folder hits a specific size?

As with the standard edition, View Folder Size Pro allows you to view the total file and folder size directly in Windows Explorer. A convenient tool, it provides advanced and user-friendly customization options. It can run as a native 64-bit application in the x64 edition of Microsoft Windows XP/2003, and as a native 32-bit application in Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003.

However, the Pro edition is capable of much more than just displaying the size of selected folders. It can also monitor your folders and take action if their size reaches a certain limit. If the size of a selected folder reaches the limit, View Folder Size Pro automatically initiates a popup alert. Furthermore, when your selected folder reaches the maximum disc size, the program automatically launches a CD burner. It "understands" command-line parameters and environment variables and can create highly complex alerts and actions for almost any scenario.

Because this application blends perfectly with Windows Explorer, it can be accessed simply by clicking on the toolbar icon. But the most impressive aspect of View Folder Size Pro is that it works in real-time mode, and is much faster than most competing software!

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Flash Disk Alert boxshot.

Do you often need a reminder to remove the USB Flash disk from your computer? Always in a rush, do you leave your Flash disk behind, only to need it later when using another computer? If so, then your plans to work from home must sometimes be ruined, as vital documents are forgotten. Or perhaps your friends have been left disappointed, as the disk with your new vacation photos is still at home. Both at work and play, this can all lead to a waste of time and lot of frustration.

Flash Disk Alert is the solution to this forgetfulness. This handy tool reminds you about USB Flash disks still connected before you turn off the computer. Notification is delivered using both a visual message and a sound. If the disk has already been removed, then Flash Disk Alert will not bother you.

Do not compromise your work or entertainment due to a moment of forgetfulness. Always remember your USB Flash disk!

Boxshot for InfoLayout.

I was pleasantly surprised by the result because of the moderate price and good quality. I was definitely happy about the level of responsibility during the work, which is not a very often case on the Russian market. Highly recommended.

Alex Nosov,

View Folder Size, testimonial by Wells Wilson

I purchased View Folder Size to help me estimate when I had filled a folder with just enough information to back the entire folder up on one CD. I do a lot of digital photography image editing and needed an efficient way to archive my data. I couldn't easily tell when I had filled a folder with the correct amount of information to burn to a CD. With one look at the folder, after installing View Folder Size, I can now easily tell when it's time to burn. Thanks.

Wells Wilson,
Brookhaven, MS


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